Piscataquis Village

Acorn Street

Acorn Street, Boston. Image credit: Sarah G

The Piscataquis Village Project aims to create the first car-free village composed of small streets and squares in the United States since the invention of the automobile. The village would occupy a compact 125 acres on a site totaling 500 acres in southern Piscataquis County, Maine.

Development of the Village would be guided by a set of building covenants specifically composed to create a space built in the traditional city pattern of Europe and early North America, in which foot or bicycle was the primary method of transportation. Motor vehicles would be parked at the perimeter of the development in a greenbelt of at least 375 acres, which other than the parking area, would be permanently protected for agriculture and outdoor recreation.

The Project is currently raising funds through a crowdsourcing-inspired model where investors make sincere but non-legally binding pledges of $10,000, for which they receive a building lot of any size they need to construct a home or business. The Project has thus far raised $400,000 of the $2 million necessary to purchase the land and build the initial infrastructure.

Small Streets is working closely with the Project to make Piscataquis Village a reality. The Village has unparalleled potential to change the conversation regarding urban planning and development in the United States toward a more livable and sustainable pattern, based on the 6,000 years of tradition that preceded the automobile.

Please visit the Piscataquis Village Project’s official website for more information on how to get involved.