Mission Statement


Utrecht, Netherlands. Image credit: Rutger Smit

The mission of Small Streets is to support the preservation and proliferation of small streets in order to improve the quality of life and build the sustainability of our cities and towns.

Our current approach to town building prioritizes the movement of automobiles at the expense of the human vitality of neighborhood streets. While some may point to a recent urban renaissance in the United States, more often than not politicians, planners and developers focus on childless young professionals and empty-nesters, overlooking the needs of families and the possibility of creating sustainable cities and towns for all.

Small streets traditionally served as safe and intimate spaces for families and small businesses, but the historic small streets that remain suffer under constant threat. Current regulation prohibits the development of new small streets, limiting opportunities for working families to live in desirable, walkable neighborhoods.

Small Streets advocates for a fresh, balanced approach to town planning that incorporates small streets as a vital element of our urban fabric. We aim to educate the public on the benefits of small streets, advocate for small streets-friendly policy, and build coalitions between diverse people and organizations, including affordable housing advocates, real estate developers, city officials, and neighborhood groups.

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