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Charleston’s Small Streets, Part II

In our last post, we took a stroll down Tradd Street, a leafy small street in Charleston, South Carolina. As small streets go, Tradd was on a wider side at approximately 28 feet. In this post we’ll walk down a much narrower street. See it?

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Longitude Lane was supposedly built on a line of longitude, but it runs east-west, so its true origins are a mystery to me.

Longitude Lane

Yep, it’s got a real street sign and all! You can tell that it was designed to fit a horse and carriage by the brick tread paths.

Longitude Lane

Walk a little further and you find that this small street has houses on both sides! Like Tradd Street, there’s plenty of greenery. Window boxes, planters and palms. This is a very fine-grained urbanism.

What would it be like to walk a city where every street was this narrow?